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HR Society – Membership Information

There are two categories of membership:

Corporate Membership – Companies and public authorities may hold corporate membership and nominate up to six members of staff to represent them.

Individual Membership – is open to interested persons who may come from a wide range of organisations.

Both membership categories cover a wide spectrum within the industrial and business sectors including:

manufacturing, financial services, management consultants, public enterprise, local government, professional and academic institutions.

Occupations of members include:

general managers, personnel and training officers, specialist manpower planners, operational researchers, statisticians, and corporate planners, and other occupations concerned with strategic human resource planning.

The Society does not administer examinations or require formal qualifications for membership.


Guideline 1

Members should comply with the statute and common law, custom, and practice of the United Kingdom related to employment.

Guideline 2

Members should familiarise themselves with relevant codes of practice including those relating to:

Human Resource Planning
Equal Opportunity
Data Protection
Guideline 3

Members should reflect the aims of the Society in their employment, contribute to, and participate in the Society’s activities.

Guideline 4

Members should observe the following precepts in their relation to their employment to ensure:

Manpower demand/supply is related to operational objectives, and to effective and efficient utilisation of staff;
That management of manpower is integrated with the management of financial, plant and other resources;
The development of an effective manpower information system to meet the needs of operational management and strategic / tactical planning;
The human relations dimension is recognised in organisational change procedures.

The subscription for individual membership is claimable against income tax; and a special reduced subscription is payable by students.

For more information, please contact: –

Sheila Nutt
Secretary to the Council

HR Society

Bridge House

Church Road

Burnham on Crouch


Tel: 01621 781035